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20-something New Englanduh just trying to survive living on my own for the first time.. in North Carolina! I am a newly commissioned officer (Ensign) in the Navy Nurse Corps. But the buck doesn’t stop there – I’m extremely liberal, I’m a vegan, I’m a feminist, and I have alot of conviction when it comes to each of these issues. Everything else changes daily. I love to read, write, travel, volunteer & cook. I enjoy ethnic food and I am a coffee snob. Take me to an Indian lunch buffet, a good coffee shop & my heart is in your back pocket. Speaking of which, I have a terrific FIANCE (pronounced FEE awn SAY), Brian, who doubles as my conscience, cooking sidekick and, for the time being, the other half of my heart left behind in CT.¬†Also addicted to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, zombie movies, blogs (zombie-generated or otherwise) and the state of Massachusetts…but everything else about me pretty much changes day to day. I invite you to lurk my day-to-day neuroses, gripes and all-around quirkities.


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