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How a vegan starts her day!!!

2 things real quick:
1. All coffee is made with soymilk & turbinado sugar (“Sugar in the Raw”) unless otherwise noted.
2. Trop50 is a Stevia-sweetened orange juice beverage from Tropicana.

Ezekiel sprouted wheat english muffin topped w/Peanut Butter & Co. cinnamon raisin peanut butter, Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese and banana.

Homemade banana pancakes with LightLife soy bacon strips..which are just OK. (I much prefer my own tempeh bacon...which may make an apearance very soon).

Ezekiel sprouted wheat english muffin topped w/Smart Balance margarine & strawberry preserves, peach & Trop50.

An extra special treat... a brunch I made for a few guests: banana french toast baguettes, fruit salad, LightLife sausage, lemony roasted potatoes, & tofu scramble.

Kashi GoLean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble/Raisin Bran mix w/soymilk & banana, coffee, Trop50 OJ

Plain oatmeal w/banana, raisins, cinnamon, margarine & maple syrup, Trop50

Lightlife soy sausage & Follow Your Heart rice cheese & margarine on an Ezekiel sprouted grain english muffin, plum slices.

Blueberry mini waffles, soy sausage & syrup, peach and Trop50 OJ

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