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May 27, 2008 by Danielle

A Thousand Splendid Suns is really a great book. I was just laying in bed reading it for hours and it is so addictive. Whew.

My Memorial day weekend was nice. Friday after work I stopped and bought some red carnations to leave at Mema & Pepa’s graves; for some reason the urge to visit them always strikes me on beautiful days. 

Later on that night Mike & I went to Nicole’s boyfriend James’ house for a little BBQ.. got to meet some of his friends, all of them were really cool and we got along really well. So that was a fun time. Saturday we volunteered at my work’s tag sale; they were trying to raise enough money to get 2 Nintendo Wii’s – one for adult day care & one for us up in physical therapy. We ended up raising like $1200! Then I kicked Mike out, laid around and finished reading Snuff. Sunday we went to a couple of my family’s Memorial day picnics.

I was going to work Monday but ended up working all day in the backyard with Mike, we cleaned up this big pile of trash and gross wood and cinder blocks that used to be a “fire pit,” then laid out bricks all pretty and made a nice, big, functional fire/BBQ pit. I was pretty proud of us and we are going to celebrate our ingenious by throwing a summer kick off party a few Saturdays from now. W00t.


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