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January, 2012

  1. Review: Hoover Nano Cyclonic Vacuum

    January 22, 2012 by Danielle

    After struggling with the Dirt Devil 2-in-1 Powerflex, this guy was a godsend! Barely $10-15 more than what I spent on the Dirt Devil, this is exactly what I was looking for the first time around….underlined by the fact that after just 2 uses, the canister was almost FILLED with dust and dirt and disgustingness, alot like an apartment that was left un-vacuumed for 4 months.

    So once I was done being amazed at a vacuum which actually vacuums, I started to fall in love with everything else about this appliance. First, every part of it is ergonomic and easy to figure out. Emptying the canister, switching to hose, even the power on/off button, going from upright to angled, everything is positioned and flows naturally. I haven’t even had to crack the user manual once so far. Second, I love that it’s easy to vacuum my stairs due to how lightweight the Nano is combined with the carrying handle (more accessible after removing the long handle…not really visible in this pic). I also love having the option of using a hose or brush, even though I don’t really have the need (motivation) to do so. Obviously the best part about this vacuum is that it’s BAGLESS (simply empty the dirt) and the filter is washable (rinse and let dry for 24 hours).

    Only con is that I didn’t buy this one FIRST, four months ago!!! And sure a cord is annoying compared to the battery-operated Dirt Devil, but a broom is cordless and is pretty comparable to how well the Dirt Devil worked. I actually look forward to vacuuming and I feel like my apartment is all-around cleaner and healthier.

  2. Review: Dirt Devil PowerFlex 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

    January 12, 2012 by Danielle

    Can’t say I have owned many a vacuum in my 25 years, but this is worst piece of ANYTHING I have bought. Ever. It worked all right for about 10 minutes, on the day I bought it 3 months ago…and even then I was probably just over-excited about owning my first vacuum/unsure of how they even work. Now it’s literally a piece of the decor in my kitchen, where it stands on its charger…and even there, if it doesn’t rest on it just the right way it won’t charge. And when it is charged, the battery still dies after 15 minutes. It literally will not even pick up a piece of lint, thread, grass, sawdust. And even when I get LUCKY (AKA I bear down at just the right angle, at just very half second before I hit the debris) and it does pick something up, as soon as I turn the vacuum off, it vomits out all the shit I picked up that was just hanging out in its brush roll, never making it into the bucket part. And the removable hand vac? Laughable. No suction whatsoever. Fold-down handle? What? Why? To fit it into your t

    rash can easier, I suppose. All in all it’s very cheaply made and is best used as a gift to a small child as “my first vacuum.”

    I would’ve returned this ages ago but I threw out the box. I have ruled out filter issues, and it’s bagless so what gives? I wrote to

    Dirt Devil, who plainly put on the side of the box “problems? Don’t return to store – contact us!” So I was expecting sort of a big to-do over my complaint, but instead got back some robot-generated, warranty spit-back directing me to visit one of a few places in my area which would “service” my stick of plastic (one of which was a dry cleaner/tailor that I found out from personal experience was really just an ancient Asian woman in 5×5 room with a sewing machine from the 1920s). I’m sorry Mr. Devil, but there is no servicing something that was a piece of shit to begin with.

    Pros: cordless. no filter to be replaced. removable handheld vacuum.

    Cons: bad battery life. no suckage power. “motorized brushroll” is no better than me taking a cat brush to my floor. spits out trash after brushroll turns off. non bio-degradable/feel obligated to babysit it for eternity.