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August, 2009

  1. All dem mocha laaaattes, you gotta do pilaaates

    August 28, 2009 by Danielle

    Today was the epitome of my. perfect. day.

    I woke up earlyish around 8, took my time eating breakfast & whatnot then headed to the gym. After that, Mel came over &  we ventured to Panera where I got an impeccable iced soy latte & we grabbed lunch for the beach. Drove down to the Pavilion/Soundview (Old Lyme), where we spent the not-too-hot, not-too-cool, wonderfully sunny day laying on the beach & drinking sweet tea vodka & lemonade and catching up on our magnificent lives/man-scursions (or lack thereof) throughout the past week. I got home with just enough time to shower & attend a pilates class with my sister, which was actually pretty cool. Or maybe I was still a little buzzed from the beach. After that we (Stacy & I) picked up Sean (her boyfriend) and had dinner at China Pan. I got adventurous for the first time and tried their vegan “meat” stuff – fried vegan chicken drumsticks and the chicken & broccoli. I also tried Sean’s BBQ & citrus spare ribs. Everything was unbelievably delicious & I’m still stuffed and super happy.

    I just got home now, and I am about to head to bed earlyish because Mel & I are visiting Meghan in NYC tomorrow!! Catching a 9:40am train out of Milford, this should be fun.

  2. Smitten.

    August 27, 2009 by Danielle

    Fuh, uh uhhhh, uh, UCK not being able to update from work because is blocked.

    Made vegan dinner for some boys at paulie’s tonight, infamous Veganomicon Chickpea Cutlets, lemony potatoes & roasted veggies. Mmmm. Every Wednesday, vegan night? Um yes please!

    Signed up for a pilates class with my sister at NVCC. We both need a phys ed course so this works. Once a week for an hour? I’ll take it.

    I’m going to bed now, even though I have no work (ever) I still want to be able to get up early and enjoy a morning for once, instead of rolling out of bed and directly into my Ford Focus & going to Bristol Hospital. Then beach with Mel, who I haven’t seen IN OVER A WEEK. Not fucking OK.