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July, 2009

  1. I’ve got a nautical themed pashmina afghan.

    July 29, 2009 by Danielle

    Work is so super slow today but I’ll take it. It actually looks like it’s gonna be this way all the way atleast til Monday which is cool. I might be able to scoot out early Friday so we can actually spend 2 nights in Rehoboth, since there’s a 2 night minimum at this place anyway (lame). That’s if we go at all….the forecast says thunderstorms pretty much everyday this weekend. But there’s not really another time we’ll be able to go this summer so I’m torn. Bleh

    Kinda psyched to go back to school. August 31st hollaholla. I’m taking pathophysiology & pharmacology II, foundations of clinical nursing & a feminist theories course. Technically my schedule right now is only all day Monday & then a 2 hour class Wed, but I’m waiting to hear when my clinical days will be. That’ll probably add another 6 hours onto my schedule somewhere. I should start looking over my notes/practicing my clinical skills sometime soon so I don’t have to start from square one once I go back. Meh.

    I wanna leave early today. And tomorrow. And Friday. How is it only Wednesday WTF

  2. Relax, don’t do it, when you want to go to it..

    July 28, 2009 by Danielle

    I’m using a random coffee mug at work right now that says “relax” inside, and so therefore that song is stuck in my head. Not making today annnny better. I’m here (at the OR reception desk) this entire week because someone’s on vacation. I actually don’t mind it at all, I never did, I actually kind of love it. It’s just been hella crazy yesterday & today & I feel so exhausted… but I probably also wasn’t doing myself any favors by staying out til 1am at Boru’s last night, either. Yeaaaap.

    I got an iPhone and I’m obsessed. Well actually, dad got the new 3GS & I bought his 3G off him, but it’s still mint because he’s neurotic about taking care of his electronics. And he only had it since March. But yeah I’m all over it… google maps has already saved me about 5 times, and I love being able to facebook at work. And conversational text messaging? FTW! Hate the battery life though, I just charge it non stop basically whenever I can.

    I think Mel & I are heading back to Rehoboth this weekend which is amazing. It all depends on the innkeeper guy, there is supposedly a 2 night minimum but we can only afford 1 night & don’t really need 2 whole days down there, so we’ll see. He kind of loves us though.

    Back to real work.