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April, 2009

  1. Last night, she said, oh baby I feel so down…

    April 25, 2009 by Danielle

    So last night I went out with Nicole & Sarah. Such a weird/random time…the Red Door was surprisingly shitty, filled with a dull crowd. Everyone was at Uconn for spring weekend I’m guessing….anyways it got so bad that for the first time like ever we actually left to go to another bar. The next place we headed wasn’t bad but get this – the bitchy bartender (who was probably WHS Class of 07) refused to serve us. First it was because we “didn’t look old enough,” but once we produced ID’s proving we were in fact 22, 24 and 25, the reason quickly became we were “cut off” because I apparently was stumbling drunk so bad that Nicole & Sarah practically carried me in……..Even though between the 3 of us we probably hadn’t even had 4 drinks the entire night, and were all perfectly lucid & calm. Even during this ordeal, we were just real confused like. It was so entirely bizarre, rude and insulting (quickly escalating to humiliating as everyone was watching, waiting for the over-the-bar chick fight to ensue) that I just politely asked the bartender for our ID’s back so we could take our patronage elsewhere.

    I believe our only crime was walking into that bar looking damn good, better than the bartender and basically every other girl in the sketchy ass place. So anyways it continues to bother me today and I don’t even know why I care!

  2. Did i really just say “whatever” ?

    April 23, 2009 by Danielle

    For the past 6 months I’ve been flying solo & loving all the me-time … still am. Life is utterly amazing single. I mean, the guys have come and gone and, when things stopped being fun and/or I needed time for school or work or my cats, I could freely and guiltlessly end it with no strings attached. In fact, the only 2 times I’ve missed having a boyfriend were: (1) when I had to sleep alone in my big bed, but I quickly remedied that by taking to sleeping on my couch (turning my bedroom into a 16×16 storage space, basically) and (2) today, since I finally got over the fear of my bed & decided to moved back into my room, but killed my back in the process from all the lifting/rearranging of furniture that had gathered in there.

    You see, it’s just that there was this unexpected bump in my road, one I hadn’t planned for/time to think through and I’m still kinda all disoriented from it.. And also kinda not really myself lately (Mike Mullins will vouch for this) which kills me more than anything.

    Whatever. I certainly don’t miss uncertainty. But I did miss my bed, which is real & made & in my clean room, where my truest boyfriend GUS awaits me!