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March, 2009

  1. Nabisco’s right on the money! It’s like a page out of my own diary…..

    March 28, 2009 by Danielle

    Has anyone seen the new atrocity of a commercial for 100-calorie Oreo Cakesters? It depicts a mob of lunatic women rushing a 100-calorie Cakesters truck, then collectively tipping it and devouring its contents (think “28 days later” meets the grade school days of chasing the ice cream man).

    First and foremost, the problem is grossly obvious – why just women? There are men present in the commercial, but they of course remain stoic and confused as these cakey-cookie-obsessed women rush around them, literally screaming and clawing the air. Even though the campaign slogan is “Goodies for grown-ups,” this commercial is blatantly directed at just one “adult” gender, and even then women are not depicted as “grown up” anything. This sends the message (or rather, supports it) that women spend their days just barely maintaining their composure – we are obviously on the brink of insanity 100% of the time, just waiting to be set off by something like (dare I dream??) a miniature, reduced calorie version of a traditional cookie with a cakey twist. 

    So apparently, not only are we so completely consumed by the balancing act of career and families that we are reduced to drooling, groveling idiots at the mere thought of snacks, but we also go absolutely off the wall for anything reduced calorie and/or chocolate.  Finally, a way to have our cake(sters) and eat it too! Naturally, all of these women, in their pencil skirts and pushing their strollers, have been eating nothing but celery sticks and rice cakes for years to maintain that figure and now – oh, boy. A loophole in the system! Let me get this straight: I can manipulate my body AND give in to my emotional eating at the same time? Now that’s something worth tipping a truck over! What’s next, the chance to work twice as hard at my job as the guy in the next cubicle but still make 25% less?!


    Suddenly, all of these confusing, crazy broads on my TV make sense….



  2. NY Times conference & vegan brownies.

    March 21, 2009 by Danielle

    The NY Times conference was really cool…I actually learned alot & found it truly interesting even though I was the only non-editor/English major in the room I think, haha. But I even liked that about it, I felt like I was getting an outsider’s view of the journalism world (read: I was the only one without the deer-in-the-headlights look in their eyes as reporter after reporter stood up and talked about how they had to beg or rely on luck for their first internship). I was the only one not really making a “career” out of it (besides Michele, my editor..she’s an English major but going to be a high school English teacher). 

    Michele also offered my the position as editor after she graduates. One side of me is so freaked-out excited about that, while the other is like “do you have the time?” But I think the former side is the more stubborn, unshakable one; it’s just a great opportunity to have a voice, an outlet. And I think I would love to edit in addition to “just” writing. I have a few months to consider, I think in the meantime I’ll ask Michele if she needs a co-editor; mainly because she just seems swamped with other things to do before she graduates and two, so I can get a good feel for it.

    I made brownies today they came out good but weird. They are super crumbly, but still really moist. They just fall apart easy….but taste amazing. The original recipe is here. I pretty much followed it as-is, except I used hemp milk instead of soy (just because I want to get rid of it, I have like 8 different kinds of milks in my fridge right now), and I didn’t have walnuts so those didn’t happen either. Oh & I used whole wheat flour instead of the white, and evaporated cane juice instead of plain white sugar; for these reasons I also upped the milk by a few tablespoons. I dunno. Vegan baking is so beyond me lately, I think I need to take a hiatus.

    I feel like I didn’t work, study, or go to the gym at all this week (well, twice)..and no classes because it was spring break. WTF did I do?