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January, 2009

  1. I am quite the photojournalist.

    January 30, 2009 by Danielle

    So I was stuck in massive traffic yesterday on the way to school (for about 40 minutes to be exact), & what began as boredom cell phone-picture snapping ended up turning into quite the exciting morning for me.


    40 minutes of this! Dead stop! And all between exit 29 & 30 (84east – West main St/Marion)


    Hmm..lifestar helicopter, this is beginning to get interesting.. starting to get used to the fact that I won’t be making it to psych class anytime soon.



    Made everyone get off exit 30.


    Crazy! You can’t see here but ANY and ALL junk that was in that car, right down to the last shred of paper was strewn about the highway all around it. Amazing impact. Suddenly my being stuck in traffic didn’t seem so horrible ..

  2. Between classes update.

    January 29, 2009 by Danielle

    I’m quite surprised at how much I’m enjoying Saint Joe’s. The campus isn’t as intimidating, the professors aren’t much more difficult than NVCC and most everyone is super helpful and nice. Stopped & got my student ID today & found out the gym (& pool!) is free to students, so I went there for a half hour or so.

    I’m also surprised at how not-shitty this 3.5 hour break between Psych & Ethics is, especially now that I know about the gym. But I also used the time to eat lunch (which was a bucket of raw vegetables), to stop at the bookstore (which is like 10 miles across campus) & work on some reading for my classes. Tonight after Ethics I have my very first Nursing assessment lab, it’s scheduled 5 to 9 but hopefully gets out alot sooner! The tomorrow morning is Pathophysiology & Pharmacology which I am pretty pumped for as well.

    I got another job at the hospital as a PCA (Patient Care Associate), which is like a CNA only I can do some phlebotomy (finger sticks) & EKG’s. I start the special training for that in 2 weeks. So that brings all my jobs at the hospital to a grand total of 3 – Surgical Services Assistant in the OR, Administrative Support Associate in OR reception & PCA on the inpatient floor. I love all 3 too, the other day I got to see my first real-life surgery in the OR! It was awesome, I’m so happy I didn’t pass out. I mean it was a simple removal of a blood clot from someone’s arm but still, I got to see ripped-open skin and all the muscle inside and bloooood and whatnot.. I was in all my glory.

    But hey, are you keeping up on my 7-day raw food detox? I sure hope so! Day 3 & counting…..