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November, 2008

  1. November 29, 2008 by Danielle

    My Thanksgiving turned out pretty great, I had all my favorites (just sans real butter), made my own green bean casserole, stuffing & gravy (yum) & THEN it turned out the pies my aunt had were serendipitously vegan (vegetable shortening, yay). I didn’t even miss the stupid turkey.

    Last night me & Mike went to see the Spill Canvas, Augustana & OneRepublic at the Chevy Theatre. It was a pretty good show, TSC kept it quiet and made some pretty bad song choices, but that’s what happens when they’re openers. Some girl collapsed during Augustana’s set & it really freaked me out. At some point her head was in my lap & I was waiting for her to go into convulsions or something. OneRepublic put on a pretty amazing show, but a few songs into it we left because I didn’t feel good..

    My stomach started bothering me on the ride there, felt funny during the whole show & afterward I made Mike bring me home early from the bar (not a drop to drink all night!). By 5am MY STOMACH WAS ON FIRE. Like I was honestly waiting for death, I thought my appendix had burst or something. He was ready to take me to the hospital I was in such ridiculous pain. The threat of the hospital (“I’ll give you til 5:30, if you’re still writhing in pain we’re going!” -Haha) made me shut up and I finally fell back asleep. This morning my stomach felt better but all around I feel crappy, headache, feverish, dizzy, tired.

    What is happening to my life?! Like I need this right now. All day I’ve been sitting here feeling awful but having to work on my philosophy term paper, and my micro presentation. It’s me and 2 other guys, one of whom dropped the class & didn’t contribute anything to the project and another who never sent me his part of the project. So I’m doing the entire powerpoint myself, whatever. I’m a freak and a nerd like that.


  2. Spring ahead…psych!

    November 19, 2008 by Danielle

    So here is my tentative class schedule for the Spring semester (pending actual registration tomorrow):

    Pathophysiology & Pharmacology 8-11a

    Psych of Women 11a-1215p
    Moral Issues in Health Care 3:30-4:45p


    Psych of Women 11a-1215p
    Moral Issues in Health Care 3:30-4:45p
    Nursing Health Assessment Lab 5-9p

    Nursing Health Assessment 8-10a


    Ya, Friday classes. oh well.

    I have to work early. I just made another batch of my chocolate chip cookies and ate literally 6 of them. Awesome.