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August, 2008

  1. “Boo-yah.” Greek roots: Boo meaning “in” and Yah meaning “your face.”

    August 28, 2008 by Danielle

    I totally kicked Aristotle’s ass in my paper! That’s right big A, you just got PWND by one of your notorious “deformed males,” AKA a FINE ASS, EDUMACATED WOMAN.


    Is it not true that ‘deformity’ is generally defined as a straying from the ideal image of an object? And if this is to be assumed a correct statement, then in an “ideal” world, all humans would be of the ideal image; or, in your words, we would all be successfully formed males, with the ability to produce semen and the capacity to foresee and generate another being in our likeness. However, no matter how “successful” a semen production, or how hot our body temperatures, or how grand our capacities of foresight, our ideal world would not last more than one generation. In fact, it probably could not exist at all. Successful males cannot reproduce with other successful males, they can only mate with unsuccessful ones according to your theory. Therefore, assuming I have stated your theory correctly thus far, it is safe to say that the ideal world is actually the non-ideal one, in which the deformed are essential to continuation of my and your species. So, then, it turns out that a woman is not of the non-ideal body at all, as she is actually essential to the survival of our species; the continuation of which is the only relevant factor in an ideal world, as without this continuation there is no world at all. So to say a a non-ideal body is the cornerstone to an ideal world, or that deformity is the perfection of form, is a horrible contradiction.



    Hey Aristotle…. YUH FIRED!

  2. Six flags Great America?!

    August 27, 2008 by Danielle

    Skipped out on work today to go to 6 flags with Mike, Tom (Jen’s husband) & his friend Mark, visiting from Wisconsin. Probablyyyy the most fun I have ever had at any amusement park ever, mostly because being with a group of guys will make you fearless to go on any rides, AKA too embarrassed to wimp out for fear of being ridiculed. I actually went on the Hellevator thing – or Screeeeam or whatever it’s called these days! I think I blacked out in utter fear for the entire ride. Also went on the Batman, Mind Eraser (no sweat, love that one), the Catapult (holy crap), Flashback (holy crapx2) and we became obsessed with some white water rafting ride and a massive flume ride, mostly because we were obsessed with seeing who could get the most wet and then mock them for hours afterwards, as if they had any control over it. I did however chicken out-ish on the Superman – I just had fried dough and a massive, practically half gallon sugary snow cone thing and wasn’t feeling the whole “7 seconds of weightlessness” thing at the moment. I’ve ridden it twice before though! Anyways, as it turned out Mike was the only one who ended up riding it – Tom couldn’t sit in the seat because he just had knee surgery and it hurt too much, and Mark didn’t want to ride alone (and Mike had already gone on the train before that). So an hour of waiting just so Mike could ride with some old, faded tie-dye t-shirt wearing man. Hey, I guess dreams really do come true!

    But ya, great time. I’m sort of not afraid of the scary rides anymore.. sort of. I’m so beat right now though, was just working on homework for like an hour but I’m deadddd. Goodnight!