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July, 2008

  1. It’d be shorter to write a post on what HASN’T changed…

    July 29, 2008 by Danielle

    I have about 3 million pictures to upload.. including from my birthday. Mike took me on a suprise birthday trip to Bennington, VT, where the other half of my gift was a fire walk! Yes, we walked on hot coals and held hands with strangers and chanted! I was in all my pseudo-hippie glory and it was such an amazing experience that I will never ever ever ever forget. Mike took some pretty great pictures, right now they are up on his photo site but I hope to have them up here within a few days.

    Besides the firewalk & min vacay, Mike gave me a bunch of Palahniuk books, I’ve read all of his stuff but I just wanted to own them. I am going to re-read Choke whenever I get the time, since the movie is coming out Sept 29!

    Jay & Heather also got me a couple books, one of which was Skinny Bitch. It’s a book written by two women who are both vegan. So the book was really strong into anti-animal-product (not to mention anti-refined sugar, white flour, unnatural additives, coffee/caffiene, etc.) anything, and it really got me thinking. The animal cruelty is awful, sure, but what got me the most (because I am selfish) is what it’s doing to ME and MY body and mind. It’s not so much the “skinny” aspect of it, I know how to lose weight and keep it there, but the all-around health aspect. The book is actually terrifying.

    So I’ve been doing research on it and considering the things I typically eat, and finally decided to launch into an attempt at veganism. So far I am a few hours past the 24-hour mark, and I’m feeling pretty good. There is no commitment or anything, just a trial to see if it makes a big miraculous difference in my life, or if it’s even possible for me to do. At this point I could use all the energy and focus I can get my hands on, and if that means soy instead of dairy and tofu instead of eggs and avoiding other animal-garbage, I’m all for it. I’ll try anything once, hell I just walked on 1200 degree coals 2 weeks ago!

    On a completely off-topic note, Mike’s parents got a dog and he is so freakin cute. He’s a baby boxer (like Champy, God rest his drooly little soul) and they named him Jake.

    Which reminds me, our white cat has been missing, this Friday will be 2 weeks. So sad. Jaxon and Gus are alone, together. Hating one another. My dad seriously bought and set up a wireless webcam to monitor a food dish in the garage, which we now leave cracked open 90% of the time, to see if the cat comes around at night. It’s kind of sad but a little amusing. It’s alot more plausible than his last attempt, which was leashing our dog (who is 91 in dog years), making her sniff the cat’s bed, then following her “lead” into the woods. I was just as frantic though, his ridiculousness was just the manifestation of how I felt inside. I made and LAMINATED signs and hung them up all over Wolcott, placed an ad in the newspaper, and put fliers in all the neighbor’s mailboxes.

    Now I’m sad thinking about kitty.. wah.

  2. 7/12/2008: David’s 1st birthday

    July 28, 2008 by Danielle