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June, 2008

  1. Action Motha-effin’ Jaxon!!

    June 27, 2008 by Danielle

    I got a new kitten!! I named him Jaxon, Jax for short.. although my father insists on calling him Murloc (from WoW). He’s all black with a tiny white tip on his tail and very playful but cuddly and totally adorable. Gus is really jealous and it breaks my heart but I think he just needs to get used to having a baby around now.. he’s not the newbie cat anymore. However, Whitecat on the other hand is now known as "Big Poppa White" because of his fatherly demeanor with Jax. So we’ll see how it all plays out. Pictures soon!

    I’m really excited, today I’m leaving work early because Mike & I are going to Burlington, VT with Jen (my office-mate at work) and her husband Tom. Jen set up a pretty nice itinerary and it sounds like it will be the perfect, much-needed road trip Mike & I have been needing. Pretty cheap too, hopefully.

    In other news, this online class takes a lot of getting used to….. not to mention many of the people in my class are complete idiots or inarticulate, so the whole having to write up 2 discussions every week is kind of painful to read through. And I am required to respond to at least 2 responses every week! Don’t hate me for saying this, but it actually hurts to lower my mind to the frequency their brain waves are on and ask dumbed-down questions and give dumbed-down constructive criticism to these dumb, dumb discussions!

    God. it’s hard to be perfect.

  2. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

    June 23, 2008 by Danielle


    Hanging out with friends @ Mike’s new apartment. (The first 8 are mine, the rest are from Ash’s camera)

    “Fun with dry ice.”

    Project Bathroom Makeover…..and some of the hallway (more to come as progress ensues!) <—-Auntie Picante MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT THESE!!! All of my Christmas gifts have never looked better :)

    Keep an eye out for my exclusive Ambrosia Salad recipe…coming soon to a crappy blog near you…..