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  1. Call me when your moods, are prop-er-ly bal-anced.

    August 25, 2009 by Danielle

    4/10/2009: “And you know, whether we are dating or not dating, I really love that kid. For as much as he could really grate on my nerves, I know that he is truly a best friend who will always be there for me. One of the best things I’ve ever done is maintain an open, honest friendship with him after we quit dating. And I know he feels the same way..I mean, like 2% of all break ups actually turn out to be a friendship, so we’re pretty lucky. He just “gets” me, which not many people do …”

    On a completely unrelated note (sure), my blog will soon be moving to just a wordpress address, i.g. “” or the like. As soon as I figure out how to import one blog’s entries to another. Check back for more details on that.

  2. STILL the worst feeling in the world…

    August 24, 2009 by Danielle

    Waking up 30 minutes after you were supposed to be into work. Yep. Undefeated. Never fails, hands down, worst feeling. Everytime.

    My phone died & so I had no alarm this morning. The pathetic part is I went to bed earlyish, around 11 and still didn’t stir for the first time until 10am. Immediately upon opening my eyes, my first words of this glorious, sunny day were “oh. fucking. shit.” and I immediately bolted upstairs to call work. As soon as I grab the phone, I am met with an equally frantic sister (Stacy) saying “is that an important phone call??? Because I’m pretty sure I left Gossip Girl season 2 in the back of Sean’s car and he JUST dropped me off.” Which atleast got a laugh out of me during this tumultuous time.

    Thankfully I work with cool people & it wasn’t busy at all today. I just took it as the undeniable sign that I am so ready for summer and all this “working” nonsense to be over with. I’ve been scrambling all day today, trying to figure out how to get a PPD (TB test) and  CPR-recertified for cheap slash free, before clinical begins next week. My dad offered to pay for the CPR course but I’m still having a hard time finding one between now and next Monday that isn’t full.